Wave is a streaming website for the newest movies, TV shows and music videos. It is directed at the new age of younger audiences who don’t watch TV anymore and would love a website to get the latest entertainment. The aesthetic revolves around a color palette of black, white and red, featuring black and white photos or videos with red overlay. The video is a sizzle reel that encompasses the brand identity and visuals for the website.





The website was named Wave because of the play on idea of streaming websites being the new wave and way of watching your favorite shows and getting the newest content. I extended the idea of wave through the identity, exploring how the wave could form and transform into lines over and under the logo. As for the typeface, I decided on a modern but varied Druk where I used the condensed and super italics font throughout the brand.

I started the project by exploring the different visuals and the motion identity through each element, type and rules. Then as the ideas form, I created loose storyframes to base the motion on so it is clearer to envision. This definitely helps with visualizing typography and composition as well as scene transitions and scene breakdown.