Wander _

Wander _ is a book series that introduces the history of each city. For the first three books of the series, I based it on Paris, London and Macau. Each book is named after the nickname of the city, differentiating from other travel, history books and this in turn ties into the idea of ‘history’. The whole series is called Wander_, and I played with the spine and the cover and made it subtly say Wander Paris, Wander London and Wander Macau. The reader could read about the history of the different visited point of interests there are in the city within the chapters. The whole aesthetics of the series plays with bold text, overlaying vibrant neon accent colors, and my own images.





I wanted these books to feel like a handbook, whether you bring it around with you in the cities or have them on your book shelf. I explored the handheld feeling through the cardboard cover and interplayed the black and white images onto them. The first page mirrors the cover and simply replicates the title.

book series wander

The first page features a short introduction of the book series as well as reiterate the ‘Wander Paris’. Since this is a book series, it was important to create similar aesthetics throughout the series but still have variations to keep it interesting. Keeping the hierarchy of the spreads in mind, it was a good experience laying out the rules and grids to then vary the layouts of the different spreads.

book series travel