Viken is a simple and easy collaborative trip planner that allows you to keep all your trip details and bookings in one place. Not only can everyone on the trip see the newest update for the trip itinerary, they could also sync their flight and hotel details onto the page. To get inspired, users can save popular attractions to then organize into specific days in their itinerary. If they’re stuck on creating a whole new trip, explore itineraries of other’s successful trips, easily copy them and edit them to your liking with a simple click. Also meet new people with Viken, by requesting to join fun public trips that are happening soon.




Art Direction
User Interface

Viken was the origin for the name, Viking, and naturally, since they traveled and explored a lot, we named our app ‘Viken’. We experimented with different ideas for the logo, narrowing them down to the compass, the pin, and other various related icons such as the wave (or topography), the boat and the more obvious Viking helmet. In the end, the pin integrated with the V is chosen due to it’s simplicity and our focus on the destinations.

After weeks of researching, analyzing competitors and existing apps, developing personas and moodboards, we started looking at User Cases. We explored how users would interact and go through to use the app and with that we sketched out different ideas and came up with the initial wire frames. We carried on developing them, refining them and adding details through the next week.

Some wireframe sketches

Initial Designs of the Pages

Itinerary & Explore Page
Left, Itinerary view consist of the daily schedules for the trip which are presented as cards separated by “lunch” and “dinner”, without conforming in a tight schedule. The message screen is also featured on the left in order to discuss the trip whilst simultaneously looking at the trip plan. Right, the explore page where top destinations are presented for users to save and add into their itinerary.
Development of the Itinerary
As we develop our website, we realize that there is no need to have such huge images for the itinerary. We resulted in the solution of having smaller images in circles to then list each activity and itinerary as the card. Experimenting with different styles and lists, we decided having it in a contained card with the pink background for the lunch and dinner is the best solution. And not only using the meals as dividers of morning, afternoon and evening, We decided to label them so the activities are clearer.

Above, Final Homepage. Below, Final Profile Page and Add trip to Itinerary

Below, Final Destination and Hotel/Flights Page

Rachel Dunn, Partner Homepage illustrations, development, destination pages