Souvenir is a product that allows easy daily logging through the use of image and data suggestions, especially useful when days are missed. It encourages you to keep track of your days through an approachable and aesthetic interface. This also allows all your memories and thoughts to be in one place and not scattered across platforms.

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Art Direction
User Interface

The Problem

With the constant documentation of our lives through various platforms and camera rolls, we neglect the old fashioned diary keeping because it is an extra hassle to remember and take extra time to do. As a result, people rely on looking at their camera roll and ‘video stories’ to remind them of a certain day. The memories of the days are limited to what we decide to capture and lacks our thoughts and feelings from that day.

The Solution

Through intuitive interface and data suggestions, people would be able to easily add images and write about their adventures. Souvenir is created for everyone; whether you want to write up a story or keep it a one-liner. To encourage young adults to keep a journal, the app is able to autofill an image and title for every day that they missed. Then you’re able to easily go back to edit the image, title or add more details! After all the entries, you’re able to easily search for your memories without endless scrolling and favorite those you don’t want to forget.

Marketing Website

I explored and created a marketing website to inspire and inform potential users of Souvenir about the product. Bringing the brand and balancing the visuals with the information, I landed with a design that is clean and simple incorporating the ripped paper visuals lightly within the composition.

The Design Challenge

How might we simplify and re-imagine the diary that encourages young adults to document their lives?

Top Sketch– Initial Simplified Experience Flow. Bottom Sketch– Screen Sketches for Each Page.

Research & Analysis

With my own experiences and thoughts on diary keeping, as well as additional research, questionnaires and user interviews, I identified their current behaviors and key pain points of the potential users.

Some things I learnt about people’s journaling habits are:

  • 100% of those in questionnaire and interviews have scrolled back on their camera roll/stories to remember certain days
  • 63% wants a journal to look back on for the memories and reflect on feelings
  • 15% wants a journal for theraputic and health reasons
  • People like easily looking back on past diary entries
  • Most of those who doesn’t journal thinks it is inconvenient and they don’t have time for it.

See full questionnaire results.

I then created user personas from the data to get a sense of who I’m designing for; this would guide me in focusing on Souvenir’s key features.

Use Cases & Task Flows

To start designing the wireframes and flows, I identified 6 use cases of Alexis and Cody. These user flows stem from each user persona’s core need.

Use Case 1:
Input Today’s Entry

Alexis has some down time and decides to write a journal entry for the fun day she’s had at Niagara falls today. She opens Souvenir, sees the autofilled data and starts editing the day to what she wants.

Use Case 2:
Autofill the Missed Days

For spring break, Alexis visited Miami and missed inputting those days. She went to the list view and confirmed them. She ended up editing a day to input more information.

Use Case 3:
Scroll through the month and like Memories

Cody is on his sofa wondering how the month has gone by so fast, he opens Souvenir on grid view and scrolls through the different memories. He clicks on some days and favorited his favorite memories to look back on.

Use Case 4:
Favorite Memories

Cody then decides to look at all his favorite memories and read through them. It brightened up his day and made him reflect on the positive events of his life.

Use Case 5:
Searching Memories

Alexis’ birthday is coming up and she wanted to see what she did for her previous birthdays. So, she decides to go on Souvenir and input search in list view. She realizes there are too many birthday related entries and proceeds to go to search on grid view and scroll through.

Use Case 6:
Exporting year to book

As 2018 passed, Alexis is excited to be able to export her year to a pdf to be sent to print as a book for her personal records. She enjoys the idea of having something physical to look back on and could end up as a memory photobook.

UX Challenges

Since I want this product to be aesthetic-based yet intuitive, the main UX challenge is incorporating the brand identity into existing input patterns while keeping the visual cues. With the journal being constantly editable, I’ll need to think about use cases of users looking back at their memories versus those who want to edit them and make sure functions are efficient and clear. Another challenge to integrate into the pattern is the function of suggesting data and images for that day.

Wireframe Flow

As I sketched out wireframes for the usecases, I started creating low fidelity prototypes for the 6 use cases. At this stage, I made sure to not be distracted by the visuals and focus on the user experience of the product. I researched the common patterns that users may be used to for various features and actions. Through countless explorations and development of various functions, I landed with wireframe flows to test users.

Usability Testing

I quickly prototyped the wireframes and conducted a usability test surrounding the six main user goals. This allowed me to understand how users interact with the functions and I was pleasantly surprised at the success rates. I also found interesting insights regarding the more hidden functions where it took them multiple attempts to achieve a user task. It also made me realise there tend to be several ways to achieve a goal whether it is involving gestures or different hot spots.

Visual Design & Prototyping

I’m currently working on some UX problems I’ve identified and developing the user interface and visual design of Souvenir. After bringing in Souvenir’s brand and colors, I will be performing another user test to see if previous problems were solved and the users are able to navigate the various tasks and pages.