Souvenir: Brand

Souvenir is a product that allows easy daily logging through the use of image and data suggestions, especially useful when days are missed. It encourages you to keep track of your days through an approachable and aesthetic interface. This also allows all your memories and thoughts to be in one place and not scattered across platforms.

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Art Direction

Background & Research

The problem stemmed from my love for daily logging and looking back on days but not being able to keep up my doodle journal after constantly trying through the years. I end up looking back at my camera roll and stories to remember a certain day. I wanted to create an aesthetic and intuitive app that will allow me to easily associate one sentence and an image to that day, especially not being able to find an existing app like that. This started my research on people’s sketchbooks, daily logging, journaling, and their benefits.

Brand Identity
After various visual explorations and conceptual thinking, I arrived at the idea of how we remember our memories. When you think back on a particular day, you don’t remember them as linear events as we’d write in our diaries; instead, they’re more like pieced up moments that happened in that day. Through that, I explored the visual element of ripped up paper being pieced up to become that day. So, what if this became the brand?
Brand Guideline
Further developing the brand identity, I produced the minimalistic logo to allow the main visuals to be centered around the user’s inputs. With the app name being Souvenir, tying to the idea of having a souvenir of your days, I brought this concept into the logo itself. The tittle of the wordmark is subtly ‘taken away’ as a souvenir of the logo itself; this is then intentionally brought back into the app icon.

Expanding Brand Applications
I started playing around and exploring conceptually how the product could look by applying the brand language without thinking too much about app functions. It was fun utilizing the rips as the loading screen and start thinking about the main sentence or phase and image, as well as additional text the users could input.

Icon Exploration
With souvenirs usually being such a tangible item, I experimented with icons of objects and how they could be used within the app and brand identity. For them to relate back to the souvenir concept, I thought of instead of having the icon completely colored in when selected, a part of the icon would be ‘taken away’.