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Lifelog,, a fictitious company, realizes the busy life of young adults and is dedicated to improving their lifestyles through simply logging their life and achieving set goals of calories, exercise and water consumption. This allows an easy tracking of everyday life and allows them to see improvement throughout time in a chart.





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Instagram Ad
The application is advertised on Instagram because the users are already on their phone scrolling away, they would be able to learn more about the App by simply clicking on ‘install now’ and Instagram will bring them to the App store.


Login Page
Facebook log in and sign up is encouraged to allow data and achievement sharing with friends. When logging in for the first time, user is asked to fill out simple information that would allow the application generate automated indiviual set daily targets. These daily targets could be manually inputted later in the app.


Water Consumption
Water consumption log allows the user to tap on the screen to add each cup of water they drink. Users are able to see how many cups of water they will need for the day. This page has a fun element where the water level is interactive and tilt depending on how the user holds their phone.


Calorie & Exercise Log
The calorie logging and exercise logging page also has the feature that allows you to swipe back to inspect the previous days intake. They both show clear calorie and step goals and allows easy data input. The exercise page differs in that the user is able to set daily exercises to be completed each day and could tick it off when completed.


Progress Page
For each ‘perfect day’ where users complete a daily goal for either water, calorie or exercise, they will receive a ‘perfect day sticker’ where they would then be able to use them to attain rewards that could be set and personalized by the user. On top of the rewards system, the user are also able to track their progress with how well they achieve their set goals collectively.