Creative Workspace

Creative Workspace is a three week time sensitive flyer that targets the concern of an issue at our department. The issue that the graphic design department does not have a specific area where we, as designers, can work and socialize and discuss our work. To target the lack of community, I came up with a solution of having a creative workspace that we could be inspired in, display our work and have a little snack or coffee.




Print Collateral

Mind Map
After defining the issue for this campaign, I started brainstorming how a creative workspace would benefit the issue. This helped with the ideation of how to approach the design of the flyers and inspired my visual brain dump.

I created a page full of sketches resulted from the mindmap. I then developed and experimented the ideas further.

3 Week Flyer Ideation
I went on to think of how the 3 week time sensitive message would lay out. I came to the conclusion that the last flyer will be a call to action for the audience to go to the space to use it, enjoy it and meet other designers. The first two flyers will be designed to intrigue passer-by and make them ponder about the questions asked.
Final Solution
My final solution is inspired by the initial flat simplistic vector style and because it is time sensitive, I decided to play with the idea of abstract shapes in the first flyer forming into an actual space that made sense. I kept the color scheme consistent throughout in order to establish the branding of the campaign. The style is kept the same and the date of when the Workspace is launched is kept through three posters.

Motion Solution
Revisiting this project and creating motion and still posters for this project was a new challenge for me. The idea was to create a still and motion poster representing a sense of dynamism with a sense of movement and repetition, on the left. For the posters on the right, it represents the opposite, with a slower and more spacious composition.