It’s finally summer and school has been out for almost a month now! It has been a good first year living in the united states away from home. I’ve made great friends and amazing memory and sadly, gained a few pounds. But I have loved the first year in art school and I am no doubt looking forward to the next year, especially if that means I get to actually take graphic design classes!

Foundation year has been fun; it allowed me to explore all the different media and techniques out of my intended major. MICA requires all foundation students to take studio classes including drawing, painting, electronic media and culture, sculpture, elements and a elective of our choice – which I happily and excitedly chose graphic design, although considering testing other electives. It has definitely been a journey, especially devoting 90% of my time to sculpture which I have no intention before or after it (in that case) to attempt. But I’ve learnt a lot about managing my time and tackle a problem when something didn’t go as planned.

Since it is summer, I finally have the time (my 4 months summer, *winks*) to continue my project from… 2 years ago? where I tried starting to write a blog and make my website on blogspot… Didn’t end up finishing it however, I have a lot more confidence on finishing this one! Kind of funny, because I also did a similar post to this on my last ‘blog‘.

I look forward to posting more on this journal and definitely my projects for the portfolio.

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